• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

The Mapuche are a Native People still living in parts of Chile and Argentina (South America). They developed their own Religious Belief System, based on Folk Magic and belief in the Natural World. To facilitate this, The Mapuche use a ''Kalku''. These are somewhat malevolent Practitioners (Sorcerers) who deal in Black Magic and the ''control'' of ''Negative'' or Evil Forces. Their ''opposite'' are known as ''Machi'' (who are in essence Shamans). While they offer no assistance to The ''Natural World'' (Good), they also ''moderate'' Evil from ''going out of control''. This is done for ''status'' within The Mapuche Community. They live away from Villages and often shun ''Good'' Shamans. They pass down their ''skills'' to their Sons only. If a Shaman has a particular ''issue'' with a ''demonic possession'' The Kalku could be summoned.