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By Crusader1307

Associated with Ancient Hindu Religion, ''Kali'' is a Great Goddess seen as ''Destroyer of All Evil'' and Chief of The Primary Aspects of Hinduism (or Devi). In The Brahman Societal Class, Kali is seen as the ''ideal'', or that which One must strive to be most like on Earth. Female in appearance, Kali (much like Her Greek comparisons), is a personification. Shown Blue in hue, Kali has multiple appendages (arms), and welds sword and spear (traditionally). A Consort of The Great Creator God Shiva, Kali first appeared in Hinduism around the 6th Century AD. She is invoked to vanquish Evil in all it's forms, with Her Altars and Icons commonly used in Temple and Shrines (both Public and Private) to retard and fight Evil (both spiritual and demon). As an example of Force being used to combat Evil, Kali is often portrayed as well in ''fierce and frightening'' imagery. ''She'' wears a garland of human heads (those who are Her Enemies), with a ''scowl'' of pointed teeth and a ''look of great Anger''. Kali was also a ''blood Goddess''. Human and animal blood were originally used to appease Her, with actual human skulls constructed into Her Icons to collect and serve as offering bowls. Many unorthodox Hindu Sects incorrectly adopted Her Mythos as a means of terrifying and subjugating Followers.