Julia Legare

  • Urban Legends
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 In a Tale that is straight from EA Poe, comes a true Ghost Story about a case of premature burial. The story centers around The Legare Family of Charleston, South Carolina (US), in particular their oldest daughter Julia (often referred to simply as JB). The year was 1852 and Julia was ill....dreadfully so. The Legare's were wealthy, so it was easy for them to have a full time Doctor to care for Julia. But whatever was wrong with Julia, progressed very quickly. She went into a coma and apparently never recovered. Her death cause great grief to Her Family. As being rich, The Legare's had a fine Family Crypt already. So space was made for Julia. After a day of mourning, she was entombed inside The Crypt, it's massive stone doors sealed shut by workers.

Fast forward 15 years and another Legare death. The Family had the Tomb opened to make it ready – and were greeted with a horrible sight. There, on the cold and stark Tomb floor was Julia's remains. Curled up in a fetal position, Her clothing torn and Her visage in a ghastly state of horror. It appeared after investigation that Julia did not die as a result of Her comatose state. Medicine being what it was in 1852, it may have been a case of an extremely low respiration and heartbeat. Thinking She was gone (with embalming as of yet not widely practice in America yet), She was placed in Her Tomb – only to awake at some point. ''Clawing'' Her way out of Her casket, she must have screamed and yelled for help – within a solid stone box of a Tomb, to no one that could hear Her. She slowly starved to death!

Reburied with the Tomb resealed – a series of unexplained events would be recorded. At least once a week, Authorities found The Legare Tomb wide open – it's former heavy stone entrance door either wide open or broken in two. Chains, reinforced concrete – all manner of then ''modern'' engineering methods were used to seal the door. Nothing worked. If guards were posted – nothing would happen. When no one was stationed there – the door would burst open. Then came The Paranormal. People could now hear sobbing coming from the Tomb – even though no one was present. A ''presence'' could be felt within The Crypt. Some felt that it was Julia, so angered at being ''shut in'' again, that She would burst open the stone door to ensure She had ''an escape''. The Legare Family obliged Her. The door was removed in the 1920s and the interior of the Tomb was ''remodeled'' to include a stone bed (perhaps for Julia's Spirit to repose on).

Visited by many Paranormal Investigators over the years, all manner of ''Orb Photography'', Electronic Voice Phenomenon and even Psychic ''contact'' has claimed to have been experienced within and around The Tomb. Perhaps it is just hype from an old legend....or perhaps it is just another example of proof of there being ''Life After Death''...........