Julia Brown

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By Crusader1307

Born in 1845 Louisiana (possibly), Julia Brown was Creole. She lived outside the small Village of Fenier, was married and had the somewhat ''normal'' occupation as ''Midwife''. In reality, Brown was a powerful Voodoo Priestess, known for Her ability to treat all forms of ailments. Both Black and White Peoples came from miles around for Her abilities. In time, people began to take advantage of Julia, often refusing to pay Her for ''services rendered'' or even giving Her ''due respect''. Julia began to sour towards The Town of Fenier. After Brown's husband died in 1914, She took a seriously evil outlook towards The Town. Several weeks prior to Her death in 1915, Brown was heard often walking through Town singing loudly ''One Day I Will Die, and Take The Whole Town With Me!'' In mid 1915, Brown did die. Perhaps The Town felt bad about how they treated Brown, for they all turned out for Her funeral. This gesture didn't work. Withing weeks after Her death a severe Hurricane struck Fenier. So sudden and fierce, that all but several of the 300 Residents lived. It is still said that skeletons from Fenier still ''pop up'' from the surrounding swamps and bayous. Many bodies were recovered and buried in a Mass Grave. Other, well were not. As one can imagine, Fenier never really grew back as a Village. Much paranormal activities have been documented there over the years, some even photographed. Apparently Julia kept Her promise.