Joss Paper

  • Funerary Customs & Traditions
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By Crusader1307

In China, ''Joss Paper'' is also known as ''Ghost or Spirit'' Money, made from specialized pieces of processed Bamboo wood. Often decorated. Joss Paper is ''offered'' to deceased Family Members in The Afterlife, by burning them and allowing the smoke to ascend into Heaven. In this way, The Deceased will have ''plenty of currency to buy things needed''. The more Joss burnt the more ''happy'' The ancestor will become. As such, blessing and good fortunes are bestowed upon The Family. They are often placed into ceremonial envelopes (Red being color used to symbolize The Dead). These are burned at Family gatherings, normally the anniversary of the members passing. Traditionally, gatherings are at Temples, which have special furnaces located outside, designed to accommodate Joss Paper burning rituals.