Johnny Kaw

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By Crusader1307

A somewhat declared and modern ''Tall Tale'' ''Johnny Kaw'' is to The State of Kansas (America), what ''Paul Bunyan'' was to The Pacific Northwest. A ''Giant of a Man'', it was Kaw who carved The Kansas River Valley and created Sunflowers (a common organic feature in Kansas). The ''mighty Man'' is so ''Tall and Strong'', that He can ''slice off the tops of Tornadoes before they can harm people''. In short, ''Johnny Kaw'' was responsible for much of Kansas! In truth, ''Kaw'' was created by a University of Kansas Professor in 1955. Although an admitted ''Hoax Legend'', most Residents of Kansas don't seem to care. Many statues of Kaw can be found around The State, almost purporting His existence as ''real''. Perhaps in 1,000 years His ''Legend'' will be accepted as ''fact'' such as many were in Europe and elsewhere.