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By Crusader1307

The ''Jogah'' are part of the mythology of The Native American Iroquois Tribe, dating back to their antiquity. In essence, these are similar to The European legends concerning Fairies. According tot their origins, The Jogah are often invisible to the human eye and live in the deep forests and woodlands. There are both sexes of Jobah. They also are associated with ''Good and Bad'' luck. Disrespecting them – by doubting their existence it seems, will bring revenge. The Jobah will ''move into'' a village of humans. Unseen, soon illness and disease will come. This is a sign that the local Jogah are displeased. Only by making amends to their being ''real'' will they leave a so affected village and thus ''remove'' any illness. By acknowledging them, good hunting and fortune will bless the village that does so.