Joe Magarac

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By Crusader1307

Some say that The Legend of ''Joe Magarac'' is NOT a true myth – having been only traced to the 1930s and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US). But those European immigrants who came to The City to work the many Steel Mills and Foundries – swear He was real. A ''Man of a Man'', Joe was said to have been ''born of an Ore Mountain'' and was in fact ''made of Steel''. He could do the work of ''30 Men'' and often worked ''24-Hours a Day, 7-Days a Week'' – without rest. And while this may have been more related to the lack of Workers Regulations that forced such Labors to work long and unending hours – it was Joe that ''kept Furnaces and Smelters working''. His legend states that when a certain Foundry was set to close due to lack of Steel, Joe sacrificed His Life by walking into the fires, which – because He was made of Steel, provided the material. Joe's magical body was said to kept Workers with a Job for many years.