• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

From China (and ancient at that) – are The ''Jiaobei'' (also called ''Moon Blocks''). These are Bamboo wood – shaped pieces. Traditionally, one side is flattened (Yin) and the other rounded (Yang). The ''Yin and Yang'' Belief is present in most Chinese Religious or Divination practices. Placed into a common cup (of any construction), a hand is placed over the top. The whole of which, is then shaken several times. The Reader of this form of Fortune Telling, then turns up the cup and dumps out the Jiaobei pieces on a flat surface. The Reader will then interpret ''how'' the Jiaobei land. If less Yang is seen, One is ''out of harmony'' with Nature. Thus, One one would best NOT make rash decisions. A greater amount of Yin and One will (or could) make fortune for oneself, based on One's ''harmony'' with Nature. The practice of using Jiaobei can still be found in many parts of China or Countries which host large Asian Communities.