Jeff The Killer

  • Urban Legends
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By Crusader1307

Much as ''The Slender Man'' is an example of modern ''electronic'' Urban Legend, so to is the ''tale'' of ''Jeff The Killer''. In a tale well worthy of The Horror genre, ''Jeff's'' story began on The Internet around 2008. So as His ''origin'' goes, Jeff was a ''loner'' and ''socially awkward'' teenager ripe for bullying. Jeff was badly beaten by a group of such and survived the encounter. Again the harassment happened, but this time Jeff fought back. He used a bat to break the bullies arms and legs! However, rather than Law Enforcement taking Jeff's ''side'', He was arrested (but released later). Jeff was later targeted by the bullies for revenge. They again beat Jeff, but this time set poor Jeff on fire (horribly disfiguring Him, as one version goes). While recuperating in The Hospital, Jeff went insane (determining that He actually ''likes'' to kill and torture people). Escaping from The Hospital, Jeff decides to become the ''ultimate'' nightmare. He slices off His own eyelids (so He will never sleep) and gives himself the infamous ''Glasgow Smile'' (cutting a long line on both sides of the face with a blade to over extend one's ''smile''). Jeff kills His own Family and begins His ''career'' as a nightmarish Serial Killer. His ''tag line'' before His ''Kill'' Jeff whispers the phrase ''GO TO SLEEP'' just before He ''slices and dices''.