J'ba Fofi

  • Cryptids
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

  In Congolese (Africa) – The ''myth'' of The J'ba Fofi or ''Great Spider'', was very much such until 1890. European Explorers heard tales of ''giant spiders'' that could eat cattle and indeed humans – lived deep in the jungles of The Congo. It was said that the creatures bodies were 3 to 4-feet in diameter, with 4 to 5-foot legs! Further, their ''fangs'' could reach to a length of 1-foot and their ''bite'' released a deadly neurotoxin capable of death within hours (some myth). A Group of Explorers found out in 1980, that J'ba Fofi was more than that.

The Group, while deep in the jungle, ran afoul of a series of ''rope-like vines, covered in a sticky sap). But these were in fact not vines, but spider webbing. The Group became stuck as if to cement. Quickly, a pair of J'ba Fofi descended from the trees onto them. The spiders were said to be massive things. Using knives to cut themselves somewhat free, the creatures only stopped when one was shot dead by a pistol (scaring off the other). But before it escaped back into the safety of the jungle trees, it bit one of the Explorers. Within hours, the Man died an agonizing and swollen death. Later, when a more prepared expedition returned to the location of the attack, they found that the beasts construct a large, hut-like structure in the trees. Inside was hundreds of ''yellow eggs''. Unfortunately, no samples were taken.

Many Scientists state that (perhaps), The Spiders are an evolutionary offshoot of prehistoric insects that evolved to their giant size by virtue of being forced to hunt larger mammals. The Spiders are also said to be extremely intelligent, with almost ''human'' deductive abilities.....or so it is believed. The J'ba Fofi of The Congo still has not been captured, although video of several creatures was released in 2014. There are several classes of so called ''Giant Spiders'' documented in The World. Therefore such a stretch as a spider as described in 1980 would not really be so shocking.