Jacob's Ladder

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By Crusader1307

The phrase ''Jacob's Ladder'' is found in a Tale from The Book of Genesis (Western Bible and Judaic Torah). The Prophet Jacob (facing persecution), fell asleep one night – and received a ''Vision'' from God. The ''Dream'' showed a ''Golden Ladder'' descending from Heaven to Earth, of which Jacob was told to ''climb''. Arriving in ''Heaven'' – God ''revealed'' the true course for The Hebrew People (and others). The ''Vision'' is often used as a parable for extreme Faith and Believe in ''Heavenly'' Guidance and Faith. The ''Ladder'' would serve many Religions examples of Faith and Guidance not only Christianity, but other non-Christian Religions. The ''Ladder'' in Jacob's Vision would become a component in Medieval Art and Literature as well. New Age Believers cite ''Jacob's Ladder'' as an early example of ''Astral Projection'' and even ''Bilocation''.