• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

An Ancient Japanese Spirit, The Inugami was a Canine manifestation. The Spirit was used for both Good and Evil purposes. They were ''made'' by One killing a Dog and decapitating it. Burying The Head at a crossroads would produce the Inugami. Some Stories cite that the The head be placed on a Pole (over it's body). In time The Head will animate and is served to ''scare off'' One's Enemy. In a more traditional form, The Inugami is seen as a creature the size of a House Mouse (or Rodent). They can become many such Beings, and are normally sent to The House of an Enemy. They will infest it and cause all forms of mischief. Yet another variation of The Inugami, is that they can physically possess a Victim making them have a voracious appetite (unable to satisfy). Sometimes, One's teeth become sharpened, making a fierce set of fangs (perhaps to scare off help). Ancient Medical practices were needed to remedy the ''illness''.