• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

 The population of various portions of Ancient Spain worshiped a ''Creation Deity'' called Indalo. Examples of The God can be found as far back as 2,500 BC – in stone rock carvings. The symbolism used to portray Indalo was that of a Human figure with outstretched arms. Radiating from arm to arm is a semi-circle. This is associated with The Sun and of course Life. In addition, the image is also thought to link Humanity to their place within The Universe. Some Iberian Mythology further advances Indalo beliefs. While it is well known that every Culture maintains some form of ''Flood'' or Deluge Legend (stories from antiquity which tell of the general destruction of The Earth and most of Life, by a torrential amount of rain and water) – The Iberians adapted Indalo into theirs. Allowing Man to hide in several Caves deep inside high Mountains, Indalo protected select survivors from destruction, and thus allowed the ''seed of Man'' to continue afterwards. To further honor future images and symbols of Indalo, the semi-circle represented a Rainbow. In this was a symbol to Man that Indalo would also protect Man from destruction from Rain and Water.