Imperial Cult

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By Crusader1307

The term ''Imperial Cult'' is related to the Ancient Belief (primarily ''BC''), by which People believed that their Ruler was a God or Goddess. Although ''Human'', they were so deified by the very nature of their Title. Hence, such a Ruler was ''above Man'' and in most cases was what the Greeks saw as a ''Demi-God'' (part Human and part God). Perhaps the earliest example of ''Imperial Cults'' (Cult taken to mean ''worship''), was in Ancient Egypt. These Cults were widely accepted by both Noble and Commoner alike. By the time of Ancient Rome, Imperial Cults were most associated with The Gaius and Julio Families (later ''Caesar'') – or and their descendants. While most Imperial Cult beliefs died out in the 4th Century AD – many later examples of Rulers who considered themselves ''Divine'' existed.