• The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

An important component to The Legend of King Arthur, Igraine was the Wife of Uther Pendragon (Father of Arthur). In addition to Arthur, Igraine had (3) Daughters – one of whom was the infamous Morgan Le Fey. Originally, Igraine was married to Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall. He was at War with Uther Pendragon and his Armies for control over the scattered Kingdoms through early Medieval England. It was apparent that one Ruler was needed to bring all these Kingdoms under one Authority. After a short War, the two Ruler established a Truce. During a Ceremony of Celebration, Uther finally saw the great beauty that Igraine was. So apparent was his lust for her, that The War was soon re-joined. However, Uther had a more devious Plan. He consulted the mighty and powerful Wizard Merlin. Begging to “have’’ Igraine, Merlin devised the plane to make Uther turn into the outward appearance of Gorlois. Able to enter the besieged Castle with ease, Igraine though her Husband had returned to her, and they “laid together”. Unbeknownst to her and Gorlois’ Forces, he had been killed in battle. As a result of their “Union”, Igraine became “with Child” (that of Arthur). With no Leader, Gorlois’ Forces surrendered to Uther’s. Igraine was forced to marry Pendragon as a portion of the surrender. Pendragon was one step closer to uniting a fractured and scattered England.