• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

 In Yoruba Religious views, The ''Ibeji'' is both a Deity and belief centering around the birth of Twins. Such an event was seen as extremely ''powerful'' magic and a blessing by The Gods. The creation of idols (icons), representing such a birth was readily kept inside a Hut both before and after birth. However, if one Twin should die very bad luck would follow. Twins were seen as having a combine ''magic' and the breaking of such was seen as ''bad''. Statues were made of wood or stone and often painted or decorated. The sexing of the statues were important as well. Each had to be correct in this regard. In the form of Deities, ''Ibeji'' was too portrayed as Twins. ''They'' would also be adopted into various Haitian and Santerian Rituals in The Caribbean and North America as well.