• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

The Hupia is a legend among The Tanio Peoples, indicative of The Caribbean Islands of Cuba and The Bahamas. Centuries old, The Hupia are a frightening horror story, still spoken of today. The Tanio believe in ghosts you see, as not only those of The Dead – but The Living. They believe that even a Living Person can be a Ghost. This is relative to the spiritual energy that some people have. The very strong, either good or bad – can manifest into a Spirit. The most evil of which are known as The Hupia. Once released (it is assumed by continued evil deeds), The Hupia will possess a hapless human. In this form, they can live and eat. But they are often found out by both their love of Guava fruit and having no navel (''belly button''). They can ''reveal'' their true form by their will, which is human in appearance, but lacking a face! The Hupia are blamed for all crime and evil doing in a Region, to include rape and kidnap. The Hupia, having never been truly human, take on all human traits to the excess – for the pure experience of whatever evil they do. Some even state that The Hupia were sent by The Devil to torment The World. It is further said that once they have been ''caught'' (in human form), they leave the poor human to justice (prison or death), with the victim having no knowledge of ''His'' transgressions. The Hupia move on to another to possess. But justice will come to The Hupia, for it is said that at ''Judgment Day'' – God will condemn The Hupia back to The Infernal Regions of Hades.