Hungry Ghost

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

A fixture in many Asia Cultures, a ''Hungry Ghost'' is just that. Many Cultures cite that after a Person dies, they can become a Spirit, often tasked to ''watch over'' a Family for a period of time until ''they'' move on to The Afterlife. However, those that die through accident or crime, may return as a ''Hungry Ghost''. As is tradition, these Entities are ''feed'' (Energy) by Family who yearly bring food and place it at the grave of their Ancestor. And while it is not physically ''digested'' the food's energy is taken. This allows these Spirits to remain active for their Families. Should a Family eventually die out, or stop ''feeding'' The Spirit, it may manifest into a Wraith tormenting those survivors (or others), until ''regular'' offering are made. Many hauntings in Asia are often related to Hungry Ghosts with no Family and wish to spread misery to those who do.