• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

In Norse Religious Beliefs, a ''Horgr'' was a type of Stone Altar used in Rituals and Ceremonies. Traditionally, ''Blood Sacrifices'' were not made on a Horgr. Most were use in open spaces, but some were also used inside constructed Temples and enclosures. When Norse incursions in Britain began in the 9th Century AD, many such Horgr Altars were constructed in North Settlements (and may have been adopted by Breton Pagans as well). Unlike a traditional Altar, The Horgr was used as a icon to a specific God, Goddess or ritual to them. They were often unadorned and made of simple construct. Local stone, often irregular in shape was stacked in a series of patterns, upwards. Normally, 4 to 4-feet was seen as an acceptable height for a Horgr Altar. The style is still used in various Neo-Pagan Beliefs even today.