• Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

''Hoodoo'' is a form of ''Folk Magic'' associated with transplanted Africans (via slavery), into The United States. Variations can be found in The Caribbean as well. ''Hoodoo'' links traditional and Regionally practiced folkloric magic practices with other religious and healing arts form whatever location Slaves were incarcerated in. Unlike ''Voodoo'' (which is seen as manipulated evil and ''spell casting''), ''Hoodoo'' was more holistic in nature. ''Hoodoo'' also used Evocation practices to ''summon forth'' various ''Earth Spirits''used to heal a specific illness. It was ''hidden'' from ''White Christian'' Masters, who would have seen ''Hoodoo'' as demonic and Pagan. However, ''Poor White'' Residents of a Region became aware of these practices (often incorporating some of it's Rites into their own form of ''healing''). ''Hoodoo'' heavily involved the use of herbs, natural ''charms'' and Talismen and related ''devices''. As with all forms of this form of '''Sympathetic Magic'', the primary ingredient was One's ''belief'' in ''Hoodoo''.