Holy Table

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By Crusader1307

The term ''Holy Table'' is associated with Eastern (Orthodox) and Early Byzantine Religions. The Table is exactly that – a Table, either of carved Stone (for more ornate Institutions) or Wood (for smaller and more traditional ones). The Holy Table is related to The Roman Rite version of The Altar. Prior to it's consecration by a Bishop of The Church, a Bishop's cloak is normally wrapped around The Table as a cover. This allows local Clergy to use The Table in Mass. After it is consecrated, it is left plain (uncovered). The cloak is then used as the primary Baptismal garment for future consecrations into The Church. Some Holy Tables are decorated with various symbolism related to The Rite that uses it. Often, a perpetual light (candle or oil lamp) is placed in the center of The Table – symbolizing Christ's presence within The Church. Also, various Relics of the particular Faith are often placed on The Table.