Holy Fire

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By Crusader1307

''Holy Fire'' is claimed to be a long observed (by Orthodox Catholic Believers) phenomenon, by which an unexplained ''Blue Flame'' emits from The Tomb of The Holy Sepulchre, in Jerusalem. The Tom is a Church built over what is reportedly the same enclosure which housed the remains of Jesus Christ. According to tradition, only The Patriarch (Religious Leader), can enter The Tomb. The ground is felt to ''rumble'' slightly and what appears to be a ''pale blue'' flame rises from the top of the slab over The Tomb. The Patriarch then lights several candles. Lighting a candle from either of these is seen as a powerful Relic. The two sourced candles are transported to several important Orthodox Churches (from which other candles are lit and delivered throughout The World). Such candles seldom last longer that a week. No photographs exist of the phenomenon and only a Patriarch can enter The Tomb at Easter Time (when the phenomenon occurs). As such, many skeptics denounce ''Holy Fire'' as a Hoax.