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By Crusader1307

A ''Heroon'' was originally a late, Ancient Greek Shrine (built of stone), into which was placed the remains (usually bones) of a ''Hero''. By Greek definition – a Hero was defined as a Demi-God (a Human-God Offspring). At this Period in Grecian History, Man was quickly ''replacing'' His Belief in The ''Divine'' controlling ''all things'' was being replaced by Human abilities. Still clinging to the ''Old Ways'', Heroon's were built to enclose such ''Greats'' as Hercules and other ''Personality Cult'' Figures. It need not actually contain physical remains – but it's simple dedication to a particular Hero was seen as enough. Briefly adopted by The Ancient Romans as well – Heroons would be the evolutionary cousin to The Cenotaph or ''Honor Monument'', found to memorialize a Countries ''Fallen Dead''.