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By Crusader1307

Another Human Greek Hero, Hector was the eldest Son of King Priam of the fabled City of Troy. As a Prince, Hector led Troy's Armies against a Greek State Coalition, commanded by King Agamemnon of Mycenae. He inflicted much damage to The Greeks in their several to take The City of Troy. Due to a mistake of War, Hector mistakenly ''fought'' Achilles Cousin (thinking it was Him) and killed Him. Stripping Achilles' relative of His Armor, Hector puts it on (to rally His Men in battle, or even perhaps to ''mock'' Achilles). So angered by both His relative's death and the insult, Achilles challenges Hector to single combat (which He accepts). A good Fighter, Achilles (being a Spartan) was better, and killed Hector. In a feat of ''turnabout is fair play'' Achilles strapped the dead body of Hector to the back of His War Chariot. He proceeds to drag Hector's body behind His Chariot, shouting ''Behold The Fool Hector, Who Thought He killed Achilles!'' Hector appeared only in Greek Writer Homer's Epic Poem ''The Iliad'' (written possibly around 1,260 BC). Hector's body (what was left of it) was recovered by His Father and Honored via the traditional Funeral Pyre Ceremony.