Haunted Nelson House

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Thomas Nelson was 3rd Governor of The US State of Virginia and one time Delegate of Virginia's Declaration of Independence Committee. As a signatory, He would be among those would help to ensure American Independence from Great Britain. To further aid in The United states war effort, Nelson also served as a General in The Continental Army. Nelson and His family lived in Yorktown, Virginia. His home was modest, but well apportioned. When British Forces occupied Yorktown, His family had to leave in haste (leaving most of their possessions behind). When Nelson got word that British General Lord Cornwalis commandeered His Home for quartering both Officers and Enlisted Men (in several of the home's outlaying houses), He was more than angered....He sought revenge. Ordering an artillery barrage, Nelson destroyed His residence and killed or wounded many British soldiers as a result. Many where actually buried on His grounds (to remain there for many years until removed). Nelson would abandon His home never to reclaim it.

Purchased by another Owner and rebuilt, the now dubbed ''Nelson House'' would sit in relative peace until another American conflict began – namely, The Civil War of 1861-1865. The home would serve as a Field Hospital for both Union and Confederate soldiers (depending on who held control of the surrounding Territory). Again abandoned due to this, it was said (and still is on occasion) – that the fetid odor of decomposing limbs, removed during surgery and cast in great piles, can still be smelled. Long since remodeled as a Museum within The Yorktown National Battlefield Monument System, Nelson House hold several documented haunts. Of the two-story home, the upper level is closed off to the public....for good reason. Apparently, per an associated side legend dating to The Revolution – deals with a particular wounded British Soldier and His Nurse. The two fell in love, but the brave soldier died before anything could come of the affair. Many say His Spirit (which resides on the 2nd floor), is fiercely possessive of ''His'' Territory...not allowing persons to enter the 2nd floor and remaining. ''Shoving''....items crashing to the floor and the occasional heavy thumping of boots across the floor have all been experienced. It is said He is ''waiting'' for the return of His love.