Haunted Minsden Chapel

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 Located in Hertfordshire, England, the very sight of Minsden Chapel does not inspire feelings of quaintness and calm. Far from it for you see, Minsden Chapel has always had one tragedy or another overshadowing it. Staring from it's construction in the 14th Century AD, the structure was not built properly (shoddy). When it was first used for local Prayer Services, a piece of stone work fell from the roof and struck a child. Several days later, this person passed away. Although easily seen as an accident in The Era, such things were often given a Supernatural cause, even curse. Some state that the very land itself was so ''cursed''. Said to have been erected on ''Pagan Ground'' (used for centuries prior), any such ''Christian Consecration'' would have been an ''affront'' to The ''Old Gods''. Later, it was said a Monk (15th Century), took His own life due to some scandal (more on Him later). In the 18th Century, The Chapel was used (briefly) by a Nuns for Daily Prayers. It was said that one of these ''Holy Ladies'' may have been involved in an ''indiscretion'' which led to a pregnancy. The ''Father'' was rumored to be a ''high ranking'' Male member of The Clergy. Rather than face scandal, either He or someone of His hiring murdered The Nun. It is said Her Spirit still wanders the ruins and grounds.

By the 19th Century, Minsden Chapel had almost completely been reduced to ruin. It was declared too dangerous to even go near. Whenever someone did well, something ''bad'' would happen. From broken bones to severe cuts from falling, etc. This leads us to that Monk we spoke of..... According to the Myth, a Monk took His own life rather than face some sort of scandal. His body was not found for some time. His exact burial spot is also unknown, with many feeling He was just rolled into a dug hole for the purpose. His Ghost was reported being seen by so many, that in 1907 a Photographer and amateur Paranormal Investigator was able to catch a ''glimpse'' of The Monk. Many however, see the picture as a hoax. To this day, Minsden Chapel (or it's ruins), still attract Paranormal Investigators and the wholesale curious. Should you decide to visit.......BE WARNED!