Haunted Drum Barracks

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 While The State of California is not normally associated to any great extent with The American Civil War, it was still seen as important. With a wealth of Gold being discovered in the 1840s and rapid Statehood declared as a result, California drew ''hopefuls'' desirous of wealth and fortunes. Many came from The East, North and South to ''stake their claims''. When The War started in 1861, only a few hundred or so Federal Soldiers garrisoned even fewer Forts throughout The State.

A Group of Confederate sympathizers, under John Gillis organized in the small Town of El Monte (20 miles East of The City of Los Angeles). Their goal was to ''march on The City'' and ''claim it for The Confederacy''. This plan was seen as attractive to The Confederacy, for (later in The War) attempts were made to do just that for The Gold resources. This attempt failed as well. Regardless, fear was stoked in Los Angeles, and a Company of Federal Soldiers were moved into Los Angeles. They commandeered a stately Home and added to it a Barracks. It was named The Drum Barracks, after a Company Commander.

While Gillis was unsuccessful in His attempt to ''capture'' The City (in fact He was arrested with His Band even before He could properly assemble His ''Force''), The Drum Barracks would remain the primary Federal Garrison in The War. At it's height of operation, as many as 300 Soldiers lived (and in some cases died of disease) there. After The War, much of The installation was torn down to make room for a ''growing'' City. The Officer's Quarters would remain, carefully renovated. Declared a Historic Landmark by The State it serves as a Civil War Museum. It also serves ''something else''. The Barracks is still it seems, the home to ''many'' Spirits.

As early as the 1880s, Drum Barracks has been seen as haunted. Footsteps walking on the upper floors (when no one is there) is quite common. Also, a collection of related Paranormal activities such as ''Cold Spot'', ''Shadow People'' and even several ''full figure images'' of a Civil War Era Female Nurse, and a ''lonesome looking'' Union Soldier, have been reported. Whispering through the Barracks is also another ''common'' feature, One may ''experience''. Investigated at times, most state that ''something'' is still present at Drum Barracks. Perhaps the Soldiers are still ''On Duty''..............