Haunted Castillo Del Lago

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

  The 1926, French Grand-style Mansion, which was named ''Castillo Del Lago'' has a checkered History. Built for an Oil ''Baron'', He moved into The Hollywood, California ''Mega Mansion'' with His Wife in 1933. Within 1 week, He sold Del Lago. Why? The broken-hearted Oilman's Wife (without Medical cause), simply died in Her bed. The Mansion would soon become a hotbed of 1930s Gangster lifestyle. Part Casino and Brothel, Del Lago ''catered'' to Crime Bosses and Hitmen, sent to The Wets Coast on a ''Mission'' or simply to relax. Owners came and went, making Del Lago a type of ''wealthy flophouse'', until one Benjamin Siegel brought it. Siegel would be better known by His nickname ''Bugsy'' (for His hair trigger bad temper, ''Crazy as a Bug''). Siegel lived in the Mansion when He planned and executed The Harry Greenberg Murder in 1939.

The Mansion remained vacant for many years after Siegel sold it in 1940. The occasional Movie Star moved in and out (oddly), but not too such. Maintained well (due to it's location in The Hills over Hollywood, Castillo Del Lago would have one more famous Owner. None other than Madonna brought The Mansion in 1993. After 5 years She too moved. It has been said by nearly every Owner (who is still alive and will talk of it), that a sense of ''foreboding and dread'' fills every Room in Del Lago. It is known that several prostitutes ended up dead there in the 30s and several more so called ''suspicious'' endings (all Gang related). Even Madonna would joke many years later, She heard ''voices'' at night, from nearly every Room. If The Mansion could talk, what tales would it tell? We may never know, because most Owners and Realtors will absolutely allow NO KIND of Paranormal Investigations of The Property.