Haunted Brunckow Cabin

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 3 mins

By Crusader1307

 While Tombstone, Arizona (The City) may be ''home'' to more ''established and perhaps acceptable Spirits'', outside of Town, other tales of Ghosts and tragedy exist. One such place is known as ''Brunckow's Cabin''. The location is nothing more that sand, scrub brush and a few crumbling Adobe stone walls. But from 1858 until at least 1897, very ''bad things'' have happened there. So much so, Locals avoid even going near the property. Built by a German Immigrant (Frederick Brunckow), Fred was a trained Engineer and came to America from Germany to ''make His fortune out West''. His knowledge of Gold and Silver Mining techniques landed Him a job in The East. Raising enough money, He traveled West and formed His own Mining Company outside the dusty ''one horse Town'' of Tombstone, Arizona. His Company consisted of Himself and (5) others. Fred built the Adobe ''Cabin'' as living Quarters, as well as a small ''supply storage'' structure. Both supported His Mine Claim (also nearby). In 1860, Fred sent a Co-Worker into Town for more supplies. It took half the day. When He returned, that was when He saw........

The ''Supply Hut'' had been ransacked. Further investigation found one of His Co-Workers dead inside The Adobe, a Drill Bit through his Head. The Man thought that perhaps it was an Apache Raid, so He immediately rode to nearby Fort Buchanan for help from The Army. He and a Patrol returned the next day and found the rest all murdered (even Brunckow). No evidence of any Raid was found. The Soldiers buried the bodies outside the Adobe. Forward to the year 1873. A well known Lawman had acquired the now defunct Mining Claim (and Adobe). He had heard of a possible Claim Jumper (and wanted Outlaw), living in The Adobe. He went to investigate. As The Lawman went through the doors of The Hut He was killed by a double-barrel shotgun blast to the chest. The Lawman was buried there too. In 1877, a local Prospector got The Claim. He stated that while nothing ''unusual happened'', He did ''fight off several Apache Raids (burying their bodies near The Adobe as well).

1881 was the notorious Outlaw Frank Stilwell hiding out at The Adobe from Marshal Wyatt Earp. Stilwell was credited with critically wounding Earp's Brother Virgil (and perhaps even killed Brother Morgan Earp). Tracked down to a Railroad Depot in Tucson, Arizona Earp unloaded 2 shotgun barrels and (4) .45 Caliber bullets into Stilwell. 1897 was the ''last'' of The Adobe ''tragedies''. An Outlaw Gang robbed a Stage of Gold. Hiding away at The Adobe, The Gang ''got the best of each other'' and shot each other to death rather than a ''fair split'' of the Booty. Their decomposing bodies were found in The Hut and buried (you guessed it) in front of The Adobe. Over the years, nature took over and most of the walls collapsed (and roof). However, no one will go near The Adobe. Reports over the years state ''Ghostly Men'' are often seen ''wandering'' around The Adobe. The ''sounds'' of ''men working in The Mine'' are also a common feature. A feeling of great ''dread'' comes over anyone who ''enters inside'' the remains of The Adobe. At LEAST (21) Graves are known to be located in and around The Adobe. They are unknown and unmarked. In fact no one is just quite sure just ''where'' any of the graves might be...................