Haunted Baleroy Mansion

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

 Baleroy Mansion is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – in the wealthy segment (and quite old) Chestnut Hill Section. Built in 1911, almost immediately – the original Owner murdered His Wife inside. Since then, every manner of Ghost and Paranormal Activity has been reported. So haunted in fact, that once open for tours to all, have long since been stopped (although The Mansion is still well maintained). As if a curiosity storeroom of The Macabre, The Mansion is full of strange and old collected articles from Owners through time. One such is the ''Chair of Death''. Said to have been constructed by a commissioned Warlock by French Emperor Napoleon, it was said that when He sat in it, He was given visions on ''how'' to achieve His great Military victories. Since then, whoever sat in The Chair would be met with death within weeks or months of doing so. The Chair was locked up in a Mansion Room.

The Mansion has been investigated by Paranormal Researchers on many occasions. All affirm that ''something'' is definitely ''present'' within The Mansion. Mostly malevolent, the occasional feeling of ''evil'' is also said to be reported – and well ''felt'' Ghostly Children, Women and Men have all been reported by Workers. Objects moving to and fro and problems with electricity have all become ''normal'' at The Mansion. On particular strange case involved the theft of over $200,000 (USD) in rare antiques in 1999. The Mansion was locked and alarmed, and to this day – Police have no clue as to just how the theft was done and equally strange none of the stolen articles have ever be found for sale anywhere in The World. Perhaps some Ghostly act of retribution for one of the many happenings which have said to have occurred within Philadelphia's ''Haunted Mansion''.