Hanna Cranna

  • Witchcraft
  • 2 mins

By Crusader1307

 In some parts of The American State of Connecticut, The Legend of Hanna Cranna is still well known. In fact, there is even a ''grave'' which bears Her name (although it is NOT inside a Cemetery – more on that later). Hanna it seems was a well known Herbalist, whose skill was great. Despite Her ability to heal, most of the Townspeople of Monroe, Connecticut feared Her and labeled Her as a ''Witch''. Hanna also had another problem. Her Husband, Joseph. He was a local Militia Captain who was said to be quite cruel to Hanna. One day, as the Legend goes – She had had enough. It is said Hanna cast a spell on Him and made Him walk off a cliff to His death. The Townspeople did not believe that it was an accident and moved to put Her on Trial for Witchcraft.
But the trial never came about. Hanna died before they could take Her into custody. However, after finding Hanna dead, a letter was also found. The letter (written by Hanna), stated that to avoid any ''unpleasant'' things happening in The Town, Hanna needed to buried by Her Enemies. Further, no Horse or Cart could be used. Her and Her Coffin needed to be carried.
Of course, The Townspeople feared this possible Curse and some moved to fulfill Hanna's request. But others scoffed at the ''threat'' and brought a Horse and Cart to ''do the deed''. But as soon as Hanna's Coffin was placed in The Cart, the Horse could not move (let alone pull) The Cart. It seemed that Hanna's Coffin now weighed hundreds of pounds! No means of moving The Cart was possible (even having several ''strong'' Men try and pull it). So, they all sounded off ''Okay, Hanna – We Will Carry You''. Instantly, the Men could ''lift the casket''. But rather than carry it to the local graveyard, they chose a spot long the road. Digging a hole they placed Hanna inside. Later, even a Stone was placed. But soon curiosity got the better of some, who wanted to go back to Hanna's home and find the ''true origins'' of Her supposed ''power''. But as soon as a group from Town got within several yards of Hanna's former home – it erupted in flames. Within minutes it was engulfed, burning all that was inside. Since then, many Tourists drive by the spot where a possible ''Witch'' may be buried.