Guniee Gates

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

 The name given in Haitian Voodu for The Underworld where all Spirits of The Dead reside. It is the ''Home'' to the previously mentioned Baron Samedi. The access to Guinee consists of Seven Gates, each ''guarded'' by a different Loa. It is required of all Soul's entering Guinee to pass through all of The Gates to reach their ''rewards''. Much of this is accomplished (or should have been), by the various offering each ''Gate Guard'' is known for. As such, Funerary Ritual to each must be performed before a Soul can pass. In local Voodoo customs of The City of New Orleans, Louisiana each of The Guniee Gates ''match'' to seven different ''locations'' within The City (mostly The French Quarter). Only Mambo's (Priestesses) know of their locations. It is also said that on certain nights, standing before these ''locations'' (and making the appropriate Gate Guard offering, will allow One to communicate with deceased loved ones. When depicted in Art, ''Guinee'' is shown as The Gates of a traditional Cemetery.