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By Crusader1307

Associated with French-English Mythology, The ''Groac'h'' is a type of Water Fairy, which unlike our more traditional Ones is NOT a ''small and demure'' Creature. This version is portrayed as a Hag-like Old Woman, with the teeth of a Walrus. Possibly an Elemental Spirit, The Groac'h can control water and air, and can change shape. They prefer to live in Caves near beaches. A particularly ''nasty'' Spirit, The Groac'h often changes it''s shape into a ''pleasing female'' to lure Men to Her Cave. Once done, She then transformed them into Fish. The Groac'h will them invite other Demons and Spirits to a fine Dinner, feasting on the ''Human Fish''. They can be bribed however. The Groac'h is attracted to any kind of ''shiny bauble''.