Great Duke

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By Crusader1307

We have seen that the Hierarchy in Hell used ''ranking'' Titles such as ''Human'' Royalty of various Positions – such as ''Prince'', ''Earl'' and others, ''Great Duke'' was seen as as ''high'' as One of Lucifer's ''Lessor Minions'' could aspire. While many Scholars state that such Titling was based more on the concepts created during the 14th Century AD (Early Middle Ages), when many of The Grimoires of that time were written, The Authors attached common Titles to better illustrate the ''importance'' of the particular Demon from other ''lesser'' Ones. Obviously, it is unknown if such a Ranking System is (or was) used in Hades (knowing Lucifer's penchant for Power and Pride). However, since The Medieval Period of Human History, Royal or Honorific Titles were attached and remained.