Grand Bois

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

A Haitian Loa that Protects Trees, Plants and Herbs (especially those used in Voodu Ritual), ''Grand Bois'' is associated with the color ''Green''. The wearing of such invokes His protection when One goes to gather various Herbs and Roots needed for Rituals. He is also part of the powerful ''Triad of Magicians'' (three powerful Loas), which include Baron Cimetiere and Loa of Crossroads Maitre Carrefour. Good soil for planting requires invocations to Grand Bois. Sacrifices required are Spiced Rum or organic material such as used plants and leaves. In The Triad, Grand Bois represents the ''Life you live, good or bad'' or the ''totality'' of Ones' ''existence''. The Catholic Martyr St. Sebastian is most commonly used to ''represent'' Grand Bois.