• Demons and Devils
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By Crusader1307

From Greek Mythology, ''Gello'' (also known as ''Gelu'', was a Female ''Daemon'' (Demon), associated with ''attacks'' against Human Female reproductive organs. Her ''influence'' was seen as the root cause for failure in such (failure for an otherwise ''healthy'' Female to give birth to a healthy child). Conversely, birth defects were seen as a curse from the demonic possession of a Gello ''Spirit''. In later terms, Gello was seen as an Evil spirit that attacked and killed newborn infants. Many cite early examples of still born births incorrectly attributed to a Gello. The Gello mythos was popular all the way thru The Middle Ages as the cause of such maladies. This lead worried Mothers to seek rather unorthodox prevention methods (which may have unintentionally cause damage to an unborn child). In some Countries (when the mythos spread), The Church would perform exorcisms to eradicate The Gello. Talismens were commonly used, with the moist common form of protection being The Christian Cross. While The Ancient Greeks portrayed Gello in a more Human ''form'', later She took on a variety of more frightening forms. From ''Hag-like'' Witch to ''tormented, undead Wraith''. Some Historians point to Gello as being the origin point for the more traditional view of a Witch.