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By Crusader1307

A Hebrew (Judaic) religious belief, ''Gehenna'' is for all purposes the location of Hades and final destination for The Wicked, of that Belief System. The term is often misused and confused in Western Theology. According to Biblical sources, Gehenna was an area of land where Pagan Kings sacrificed their children by immolation. It thus became cursed and was ''swallowed up into the bowels of The Earth''. The term is also linked to various Anglo-Saxon sources as being the genesis of the word ''Hell''. And while modern Archaeology can establish an actual location identified with ''Gehenna'' (in The Himmon Valley near Jerusalem), no proof can be offered of such practices, The Region is considered cursed. Crops have a hard time growing and all manner of misfortune are general attached to the area. Mentioned no less than (12) times even in The Christian New Testament, ''Gehenna'' came to be associated with Hell early on, although no specific reference to Lucifer or Demons are given. The primary link is that Gehenna is said to be a ''Lake of Fire'', used to torment evil souls for all Eternity. Several other Religious also associate similar words (places), for Gehenna.