• Ghosts and Hauntings
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By Crusader1307

The Gashkadokuro or ''Starving Skeletons'' are a Japanese Medieval Myth/Legend. According to Ancient tales, they are the physical manifestations of People who starved to death. Many of these Spirits mass together to form The Giant spectral Skeletons. Later, during many of Warlord Conflicts, the Spirits of Melee soldiers (Commoners), were added to the legend. The Gashadokuro are somewhat grisly. They lurk in deep woods and prey on wayward travelers. One suitably terrified by their ''fearsome'' visage, They ''bite off'' the head of the unfortunate, drinking their spraying blood! Various Shinto (Buddhism) Talismen can be used to ward off The Gashadokuro. They are Classed within The Yokai (Ghost Family) in Japanese Literature and still occasionally appear in stories as Antagonists.