Gang Gang Sarah

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

An interesting Tale from Trinidad and Tobago, ''Gang Gang Sarah'' is still a well known Folk Magic story. It deals with Sarah (the name given to Her by Her Masters), who was captured in Africa and made a Slave. She was a very powerful Witch, who with the ability to fly – had planned to leave Her captivity, but fell in love with a Male Slave named Tom. The two loved each other greatly. Sara, who was known in ''Slave French-English'' as a ''Gang Gang'' – or Witch, used Her skills to make love potions for Females who wished to ''woe'' their perspective ''Beaus''. Sarah missed Her Homeland, but was resolved to stay with Tom. Then one day, Tom died. Sarah was now free to return to Africa. As a Witch with the power of flight, She climbed a high tree and leaped. However, instead of flying, Sarah crashed to the ground – dead. Locals say that during Her stay on The Islands, Sarah consumed salt with Her food. She had ''forgotten'' that salt negates the power of flight. Sarah was buried next to Tom, where their remain still rest. The Tree from which Sarah tried to use as Her ''perch'' is still standing as well. It is said that if One touches the bark of The Tree, they will get their ''heart's desire'' – unlike poor Sarah.