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By Crusader1307

Part of the insect species related to The ''Horse Fly'' – The Gadfly is a Cattle Pest, noted for many thousands of years for their biting of Cows and Bulls and spreading relative plague. Active during the Summer, The Gadfly was well known to The Ancient Greeks. The ''bug'' featured into Greek Mythos by a story regarding Hera, the Wife of Zeus. Zeus, always a bit on the ''wayward side'' with regards to His Wife, was ''caught'' yet again in His ''indiscretions''. When Hera demanded the life of His most recent ''love'', Zeus refused Hera. In revenge, She sent a swarm of Gadfly to Zeus's love interest. They bit Her repeatedly until She was forced to flee Greece. As such, Zeus (angered) – commanded the little Pests to forever plague the land in Summer. The insect continued to occasionally feature in several more myths as the personification of annoyance and pestilence.