Frog Coffin

  • Folk Magic Beliefs
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By Crusader1307

 In a ''tradition'' dating back to the 12th Century AD in Finland, ''Frog Coffins'' were literally that small wooden caskets, into which the body of the amphibian was wrapped (shrouded), and encased. Some variations of this ''folk ritual'' stated that a Frog must be a Red (Ground Frog) other allowed for ''other'' small animals to be used. The Frog was sealed alive. The casket was then ''secreted'' into some hidden space within a Protestant Church. It was thought that if a person was affected by ''Evil Magic'', the Frog (after a series of prayers), would ''absorb'' the magic and the victim was healed. Many renovations in the 19th and 20th Centuries have revealed many such ''finds''. A similar ritual was practiced in ancient China as well.