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By Crusader1307

 In The Ancient Roman Republic Period (5th BC - 2nd BC), The ''Flamen'' were the predominate Priests of Religion. The Flamen were classed into (2) distinct Positions. The first ''Major Flamen'' administered the Main Gods of Jupiter, Mars and Quirinus. The second were ''Minor Flamen'' who tended to ''lessor'' Deities. Later in The Republic Period, The ''Minor Flamen'' also maintain The Cult of the reigning Emperor. Total, there were (15) Flamen chosen and would serve until they were removed or left their position. They were given a special chair in Senate, where they officiated prayer when needed. They held no political power.

The Flamen were very influential in Social standing and could illicit great sums from wealthy Patrons all who were, for want of better phrasing trying to ''buy their way'' into ''spiritual salvation'' of some form. It was also seen that The Flamen, while not wielding any political power, ''had the ear of The Emperor'' (something of great power in itself). The Flamen were also an elected position, but voting was not open to the Common Roman Citizen only Nobility. Unlike most Priesthoods, which in Ancient times required One to be ''free of marriage and issue'', The Flamen ''needed'' to be married. This was seen as a means to enforce ''sexual stability'' (of sorts). Likewise, the wife of a Flamen took on various responsibilities to help Her husband. Infidelity for a Flamen could lead to One being removed from Office. Also, if a wife died while a Flamen was in Office, He could not re-marry.

The Flamen wore a cloak of heavy wool, normally Red and a type of leather ''skull cap''. They were also required to wear a specialized sandal on their feet (similar to a bootee). They carried the ritualistic knife known as The Secespikta. No other form of regular clothing could be worn by The Flamens (as wool was seen as ''sacred to The Gods''). After 260 AD, Flamens were discontinued as a Sacred Office.