Feth Fiada

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By Crusader1307

Irish Mythology tells of a mystical Race of Beings known as The Tuath De. These Entities have existed along side of Man for untold Generations. They have abilities and skills which would put them in the Realm of the belief of Gods and Goddesses (Pagan). To ''hide'' their ''comings and goings'' in The World, The Tuath De can invoke a special mist called The ''Feth Fiada''. This Fog is said to be a ''sweet smelling'' Green ''smoke'' which is said to not only hide their parallel World – but to confuse Humankind in general. The Feth Fiada mythos is also found ''adopted'' into Mallory's ''Le Morte de Arthur'' works (The Arthurian Legend) – as The Magical Mist or ''Dragon's Breath'' summoned by Merlin The Magician (long thought a ''Member'' of The Tuath De).