Fergus and The Devil

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By Crusader1307

 Androssan Castle is located in Scotland. Dating to around the 13th Century AD, during The Scottish Wars of Independence, an English Garrison (perhaps as many as 200 Soldiers), held up there. Attacked by several Scottish Clans, the entire Garrison was captured and ''put to the sword''. Most were buried somewhat unceremoniously (some say their bodies were mutilated with purpose). The Castle would fall under ownership of The Clan Barclay (who eventually gave ownership to The Montgomery Clan). What little of the ancient Castle was slighted by The Parliamentarian Forces of Oliver Cromwell in the 17th Century. The Castle is now mostly ruin, but some of it's interiors are still quite intact.

In addition to tales of ''mournful'' English ''Ghost Soldiers'' still garrisoning Androssan, report of the Spirit of Sir William Wallace (Hero of The War of Independence), is also said to be ''seen''. This may be due to the fact that perhaps one of Wallace's ''body parts'' is rumored to have been buried nearby (Wallace was Drawn and Quartered for His efforts by The English). Another interesting tale surround one Fergus Barclay. A renowned Horseman in His day, His skills were even noticed by ''Old Scratch'' (The Devil), himself. Challenged'' to a Horse Race, apparently The Devil cheated and won the race (the prize was Barclay's soul). In a ''turnabout is fair play'' move, Barclay ''tricked'' The Devil into another Race wagering the soul's of His Clan. He stole the Devil's demonic Horse's bridle and this time won. So enraged, The Devil was said to have trampled all over the Keep of The Castle, leaving hoof prints (all but vanished by now).