''Excalibur'', The Sword of King Arthur

  • The Arthurian Legend
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By Crusader1307

Sometimes known as Caliburn or ''The Sword of Power'', ''Excalibur''was the legendary Sword of King Arthur. According to different legends, this was the TRUE identifier for the "rightful heir" to England. Often portrayed as the Sword in The Stone (although some feel that this was a different blade as well). While most of Excalibur's legend comes from Welsh fables, we get more of a "feel" for the romantic from Thomas Mallory's story "Le Morte d'Arthur". Excalibur was said to have magical powers. It could blind whole armies with a single glint of sunlight on it's blade. It could dispatch an enemy with a single blow - it could heal just as fast. As for the most "known" legend - King Uther Pendragon placed Excalibur into a piece of ground granite, for safekeeping - until the true King (of his bloodline) could remove it. Another version has Pendragon throwing Excalibur into the Lake of Avalon - where, the spectral guardian The Lady of The Lake, watched over it. By Excalibur's description, it was a Great Sword (Longsword). Possibly 4 to 5 feet in total length! It's inscription on the blade (as was a common thing among nobility to have engraved some religious or protective saying), one legend has "Take Me Up" on one side. Another has "Only He Who Is Worthy" - was a popular theory. Excalibur's fate is even more legendary. Arthur (fatally wounded in battle), threw the sword back into The Lake of Avalon - and back into custody of The Lady. There Excalibur waits.....for "He Who Is Worthy".