• The Occult
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By Crusader1307

From The Latin. ''Evocatio'' (''To Call Forth''), the much used Evocation is most commonly associated with Black Magic Rites. The Act is commonly also described in most ''traditional'' Grimoires and Spell Casting Books. A Summoner uses various evocations specifically used to ''call'' Demons, Spirits etc. While some Evocations Spells are general, most are highly specialized. Used in conjunction with The Act of Conjuration, depending on The Rite sacrifice is normally associated with Evocation. In Black Magic, this is normally a ''Blood Sacrifice'' (Human or Animal). And while some Eastern Religions use Evocations for ''regular'' non-Demonic practices, most Western Christian Religions identify The Act as ''evil''. A large percentage of a Person's perception of Evocations were made such by it's portrayal in Movies (Horror genre), etc.