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By Crusader1307

 John Dee, a 16th Century Philosopher, Scientist and ''Master of Disciplines'' – ''discovered'' what is deemed (by some), an ancient and unknown language, called ''Enochian'' (named after The Old Testament Prophet, Enoch). The construction of the language was found by the very controversial (then) practice of using Mediumship and combining such with contemporary Science. While such men as Dee ''walked a fine line'' with The Church (who outlawed ALL form of Witchcraft). On more than one occasion, Dee came ''close'' to the ''Stake''. Dee saw much of His ''luck'' in avoidance of this due to the fact that He was ''personal Advisor'' to Queen Elizabeth I.

According to Dee's ''sources'', Enochian is the ''language of The Angels in Heaven''. When it is revealed to Man, it is done so – that Man can understand it with ''His'' mind and language. The same Enochian was also attributed to the earliest languages of Biblical Man (Adam and Eve). When they were ''expelled'' from The Garden of Eden, so too did they lose their ''understanding'' of Enochian.

John Dee developed (with the help of ''Seer'' Edward Kelley), constructed a rudimentary alphabet and actually published a booklet on ''how'' to speak it. Coming under intense scrutiny by The Church, Dee's ''protection'' from The Queen no doubt saved His life. She found the topic ''interesting''. Modern Historians however, find many faults and problems with what is seen – as ''made-up'' language, possibly contrived to ''impress'' both The Scientific Community and The Queen Herself. Encohian was also adopted into various modern-Pagan Religious practices as well.