• Ancient Gods
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By Crusader1307

The Aboriginal Tribes of Australian, are old and mysterious. Their legends and mythology is often linked to possible Extraterrestrial contacts as well as establishing some uniquely bizarre creatures and beasts. Eingana is easily one. ''She'' is part of The Aboriginal ''Creationist'' Theory – being responsible for all water and animals on The Earth. She lives in a ''realm'' known as ''Dreamtime'' (perhaps best described as a form of parallel reality only achieved thru deep sleep). Eingana is said to be part-serpent and part-human in form. She is both ''massive'' and ''small'' at the same time. Said to be without the reproductive organ and related ''opening'', it took another Creator God to open Her ''up'' to create one to give birth to all things. It is further believed that Eingana maintains a ''connection'' with all things. When She ''releases'' that ''grasp'' – the animal or ''thing'' will die.