Elvis Never Died?

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By Crusader1307

 ''Elvis Presley''.....His name is still remembered today as The ''King of Rock n' Roll''. Even since His ''death'' in 1977, His merchandised image continues to make a fortune. A smooth mannered, religious Southern Boy with a unique vocal talent (and devilishly good looks), would revolutionize the music genre. However, as with most ''Stars'', Elvis fell prey to the darker side of The Industry. Alcohol, drugs and an excessive lifestyle, would finally catch up to Him. He would did of a massive Cardiac Event. The World literally came to a stand still with the news of His death. It is in His ''death'' that perhaps the most unique case of hoaxing paranoia would mount. It would begin almost the moment of His death.

Although Elvis' body was taken by a Medical Examiner (Coroner), no clear autopsy was performed. When He was prepared for His eventual Funeral viewing at His palatial and massive Mansion named ''Graceland'', the thousands of mourning Fans noted how ''odd'' His body looked. Elvis appeared decades younger, with no signs of the years of drug abuse and overeating that came to be associated with ''The King''. Some even then thought that the body looked like a ''wax figure''. Even Elvis' massive below ground crypt was odd. The marble slab which covered it showed the name ''Elvis Aaron Presley''. His birth certificate read ''Aron''. How odd Still, The World mourned and would slowly get back to it's business. That was until a Writer came along with a story that would spark great debate.

Gail Brewer-Giorgio in 1976, began to work on a piece of fiction, She called ''Orion''. In Her story, a ''well known and quite famous'' Singer (who was the very persona of Elvis), had become aware that His life was ''spiraling out of control''. He used His considerable money and political connection to ''stage His own death''. In this, He would be able to ''live a normal life''. But the character was a Performer and would come to miss His music. He would then assume a false persona known as ''Orion'' so He could still ''make music''. His gimmick, was a full faced, ''Phantom of The Opera-like'' Mask. People ''remarked'' how much ''Orion'' looked and ''sounded like'' the deceased famed Singer. A clever story. Giorgio took Her finished manuscript to Her publisher in 1978. Within days, He told Her that He could ''never publish The Book''. Further, He told Her to ''forget the idea, for Her own sake!'' (somewhat threatening )

Months later, Giorgio claimed She received a ''mysterious package''. In it was a collection of recordings by a Man claiming to be the ''real'' Orion. Further, Her story while inventive, had already been thought of by Orion. You see, He claimed to be Elvis Presley! He had staged His own demise very much the same way that Her character had and for the same reasons. ''Orion'' had been performing and due to many thinking he was ''The King'' (or at least eerily sounding as such), ''Orion'' would finally ''come out'' as Elvis again.

This prompted Gigorio to pen the book ''Is Elvis Alive '' in (1988). The ''book'' came with an audio cassette which featured excerpts of the ''Orion'' conversations. Gigorio became an overnight sensation. The book sold millions. And then the ''bottom fell out''. Although Vocal Stress Analysis was conducted on the tapes (many times), the result were ''similar but NOT conclusive'' (as one would expect from perhaps an expert Elvis Impersonator). Soon, an unknown Country Singer named Jimmy Ellis would appear. He claimed to be ''Orion'' and had been ''working with'' Giorgio on the hoax (a fact Giorgio strongly denied). Despite attempting to write (4) more books on the subject, Her credibility was somewhat tarnished. Ellis would stop His ''Elvis Act'' and would go on to open a Pawn Shop. He was killed in a Robbery of His Business in 1998.